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Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Diagnosis


Fibromyalgia is a chronic syndrome that affects nearly 5 million Americans. It’s characterized by joint stiffness and tenderness, fatigue, and sleep problems. It also tends to be accompanied by headaches, backaches, and muscle soreness. The majority of people who suffer from fibromyalgia are women. However, men often develop the condition later in life than their Continue Reading…

The Best Cluster Headache Treatment on the Planet!


Cluster headache, also known as trigeminal autonomic cephalgia (TAC), is a severe and extremely painful neurological disorder that affects around 1 in every 100 people. It causes excruciating throbbing pain on the face, neck, and scalp. This form of migraine has been with us since ancient times. Many cultures have used traditional treatments for this Continue Reading…

What is the most effective way to manage sciatica?


Sciatica is an issue that can cause lots of pain and discomfort. If you’re seeking the most effective treatment for sciatica this is the right place. In this blog we will explore the most effective methods for treating sciatica. We will also give ways to control Sciatica-related symptoms. If you’re suffering from this disorder continue Continue Reading…

The benefits have been proven by chiropractic care for headache and migraine sufferers


The benefits have been proven by chiropractic care for headache and migraine sufferers One of the most common health conditions that people experience is headaches. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, about 38 million Americans experience migraines. If you’re one of those people, then you’re aware of how debilitating migraines can be. If you’re not Continue Reading…

Treatment for degenerative disk disease

degenerative disk disease

Degenerative disk disease results from the deterioration of the disks within vertebrae of your spine. They act as cushions and shock absorbers, and when they start to get worn down they may cause discomfort and other signs. While there isn’t any method to cure degenerative disk disease, there are numerous treatments available to assist you Continue Reading…

What is the best way to treat arthritis?


Arthritis affects more than 50 million Americans and is one of the most widespread chronic illnesses in the country. There is no cure for arthritis, but there are many treatments available that can help lessen the symptoms. Treatment options include medications such as physical therapy, medication, and surgical procedures. What exactly is arthritis and what Continue Reading…